dimanche 16 octobre 2016

#inktober2016 #inktober Day 16: Totho and Mateh. Another amazing concept by @le_fabius!! Listen ... The country of golden pillars, Elna, home to land's most tyrannical judges, ruled not by a king, but by a supreme judge of the golden bloodline. Elna's form and name has changed countless times throughout history depending on its ruling judge dynasty. None however, have ever matched the cruelty of the golden bloodline, those born with the ability to turn anything they touch to gold. Anyone judged guilty by the Supreme Judge would face being turned to gold, then melted and used to build even more golden structures. Totho and Mateh, parents to children who were mercilessly sentenced to death by golden touch, have dedicated their lives in reviving the old defeated bloodlines against the supreme judge. To fight evil with evil and bring his reign to an end. Having grieved over the loss of their children, the collected the molten forms of their children and formed weapons, so they may carry their children with them wherever their rage takes them. The fate of Elna remains to be seen, but is sure to be seen on the streets and under the burning red sky -- vengeance.

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