jeudi 13 octobre 2016

#inktober2016 #inktober Day 13: Sadafa and Mahar. @le_fabius came up with the coolest story .. listen.. In a land far away, known only to a few, there was a legend of a women of the great clam tribe, who fought off the rise of evil witches and warlocks who sought to steal all the pearls of the land. Though she was successful in stopping these forces, it was not without sacrificing her own life, leaving her young son in the care of her mother. On the child's 8th birthday, he was cursed by a lone surviving warlock. Given no other choice, the grandmother used to the power of the mystical clams, a secret only their tribe knows in order to cure him. As the boy suddenly stopped breathing, the grandmother panicked and messed one word in her chant. The spell was done, but with her taking over the body of her grandson, and her grandson taking over a clamshell, becoming her familiar as they journey in search of the warlock to reverse what he started.

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