dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Finally a blog !

Hi everybody !^^

Well finally i've started a blog! ^^ hope it's gonna be of some help to me  !

so i'm gonna share here everything i do from skerches to  finished pieces ..and here i start with the my latest one ^^

Done for "Brain Oil Factory"'s 26th challenge...
theme : a character who ate a demon's fruit (like in One Piece)

the ability that the fruit gave to this character is making his hair alive taking the shapes it wants!..after some years he became able to control it but not perfectly ... in order to give his hair a little personnality he sticked on it a mask and he talks to it just like Mr bean and Teddy ..the difference is that his hair is really alive and understands him!

after learning to control a little bit his new ability, he became so lazy that he rarely uses his own hands ..his hair does everything for him! ^^