vendredi 12 février 2016

Teaser for our project in progress for MEFCC. Welcome to Haven! ^^ “Can you hear them?” Thaster asked as he stayed wary of their surroundings. “We are all kin. As I can hear them, they shall also hear me. We are the song of the Alcoves Thaster, named and given aim by our father.” Carmen continued walking until coming to a sudden halt, realising Thaster’s sudden growl and shimmering glow in his right eye. “Are we being generously received by a host?” Carmen removed her eye-patch with a smirk, revealing the glow in her left eye. Thaster, locking his sights towards the location of the beast approaching. As the beast pounced through the bushes with a fierce roar, within a matter of a few seconds, it realised the grave mistake it had made. With the unified glows of the eyes of both Carmen and Thaster, the beast realised it was in the presence of a monster. Its instincts screamed and yelled for dear life, all for naught as it came to the realisation – I am the prey. “Foul…” Thaster released the arm of the beast from his jaw, spitting out the blood which filled his mouth. “Carmen, In all honesty I must say…” ‘Thaster!! I hear it! I hear the song of light! A kin is nearby!” Carmen interrupted, leaping forwards and breaking into a sprint. “Hurry!!” “I’m beginning to find your habit of interrupting me more foul than the blood of that beast.” Thaster commented sarcastically, thrilled at the excitement of his beloved master and companion. Racing towards their kin, step by step they would move closer to the future of the Alcovians, a promise made to the First Light by Carmen. A promise that would one day be Sapienta, home of the Alcovians. #art #artbook #story #conceptart #illustration #fantasy #mefcc #summer #artwork #book #creature #tribal #seasons #teaser #digitalart

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